Roma (2020)

ITALIAN TASTE SUMMIT - 2ª edizione - 11/12 Ottobre 2020

La location: Grand Hotel de la Minerve*** - Roma

The second edition of Italian Taste Summit, thanks to the forecast calculations (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation - University of Washington), the great determination of the staff and that bit of luck, was one of the few and certainly the last of the meetings b2b in presence of 2020. A group of 35 wineries, from 14 Italian regions, met vis à vis 30 importers from 4 continents (Europe, Asia and the America) and about 15 different countries (including: USA, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, France, Denmark and Poland).

It was exciting to discuss with foreign buyers during the event and in the follow-ups of the following months, and to find a confirmation of the characteristics they sought in ITS and in the Italian labels involved, which are precisely the distinctive factors of each edition: territoriality, exclusivity and a niche idea of a wine that cannot be confused with others. The in person format was extended to online meetings on 12 and 13 December 2020, dedicated to importers from countries unable to participate in October such as Estonia, Hungary and Ukraine. Overall, the whole export promotion operation gave rise to 107 negotiations from the live in Rome and 21 negotiations after the online version, an impressive result.

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